As every other year 2020 our youth vacation camps will take place.

Summer camp 1: 06.07. bis 10.07.2020

Summer camp 2: 10.08. bis 14.08.2020


Starting Monday until Friday kids and young adults train every day with our certified tennis coaches. During the week participants learn tennis techniques, tactics and improve fitness and coordination. In doing so we also use soccer and other ball games techniques. Of course there is also a finish tournament.

Our tennis camps also welcome beginners. We are happy to provide tennis rackets free of charge for the week. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Youth Camp

The youth camp is addressed to participants from the ages of 8-18. Starting at 9 am and ending at 3.30 pm, participants have at least three hours of tennis training and one hour of coordination training each day. To get the most out of the week the sizes of groups are limited to five participants at most. Of course all participants will get a lunch at around 12 o’ clock.

Camp for our youngest

The camp for our youngest is addressed to participants from the ages of 4-7. Each day starting at 9.00am until 12.30pm kids will get two hours of tennis training as well as one hour of coordination training while getting a feel for the ball. Following that the experiences of the morning can be processed in a group while having lunch together.

During the week lots of methodical helps such as tires, skipping ropes, small nets, pylons and balloons are used in order for the kids to learn in a playful way with age-appropriate equipment while having lots of fun.


Our licensed and specially trained coaches will instruct groups with six participants at most.

Here you may download an application form:


Anmeldeformular Sommer 2022
Anmeldung Sommer 2022.pdf
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Seit dem 01.01.2018 sind wir eine "Deutsche Tennisschule", anerkannt vom Deutschen Tennisbund (DTB) und dem Verband Deutscher Tennislehrer (VDT). 


Wir freuen uns über diese Anerkennung und Auszeichnung!

Ausbildung zum Trainer

Hier können Sie die Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten für Tennistrainer im DTB und HTV nachschauen.

Auszug aus "Topspin" - die Fachzeitschrift für Tennis des Hessischen Tennisverbandes Ausgabe 10  2014/2015

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